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Hovel CAM

Hovel Cam is simple as it automates most basic functions. Hovel Cam is made up of a number of components.
These will be either one or two cameras, a box containing all the electronics and finally there is an indicator
light & record button. Using this, the sequences of pictures and audio are stored when the door is opened or
closed and when a fare starts or ends. Under normal use, about one day’s history will be stored. The indicator
will flash green during recording of these sequences. Hovel Cam arrives with software to be loaded on your or
your’s dealer computer. This is used to access initial settings for the device and to help align the cameras.


Body Material : ABS resin & matallic frame
Power Requirement : DC 11V~15V
Operating Temperature :0 to 55° C
Camera : Up to two cameras - colour or   monochrome with infra-red night vision
Audio :Audio sound recorded from drivers  camera
Memory : Captures - total capacity on card over 5  hours (1GB )
Security : Triggers with door, Meter, Driver  Record ("Panic") Button
Camera frame rate : 1 or 4 frames rate pictures per second
Resolution : 640 X 480 pixels
Dimensions of control unit : 175X108X40mm approx.
Attach a Reader to easily Process all types of Credit Card and Smart Card
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