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Hovel Tracking System

Hovel Group offers a full range of software for commercial fleet tracking and mobile asset management. All our GPS vehicle tracking devices offer worldwide GPS satellite network coverage with nationwide customer sales and service network. Hovel GPS fleet tracking and fleet management solution allows you to effectively monitor your entire fleet with real time tracking. Our GPS (vehicle tracking system) and thorough reporting not only tells you where your vehicles are but they also provide full access to critical data and performance metrics live with reports exportable in XML or CSV comprising number of stops, elapsed travel time, distance report, trip report, overspeed, tampering and live alerts.


You can ensure that your asset is not misused and recovered efficiently in case of theft. As a fleet operator, you need this type of data to help eliminate unsafe practices and to increase the safety and security of your drivers and vehicles. Our technology puts you in the driver’s seat of every vehicle in your fleet at any time, offering you 24 X 7 live monitoring of your vehicles and ensuring that the driver maintains designated route and speed; with Map History you can always graphically replay the vehicle’s previous activity after selecting desired date and time as basic offering.

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